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How to choose the right wedding crown with our clothing and hair model


To make a wedding crown it’s necessary to know that, first you have to dress the bride, then decide what hair style you like (open, Shenyon, etc.) and then to take the crown.

Note that your wedding crown pattern matches your clothing model. If your dress is Royal and Princess, be sure to use a magnificent crown

If your dress has a pearl, choose your crown from the pearl

Use the wedding crown if your clothing is simple and European, use a white flower or white flowers.


If you have a blossom and white flowers on your outfit, order the same flowers for your hair. In other words, the bridal model and the design of the fabric or the tour can be the best guide for the crown or other decorative items. For example, if you have a special design like a rose, you can repeat that design for a tour, a crown, a bouquet, and so on.

Take care of your crown. If you have a long forehead, do not use long crowns.

If the difference between your height and the groom is too high, you can reduce the difference in height with your hair and a long crown. If you are also with a groom, you should shave your hair from the bottom, a very elegant crown or white flower on your hair. You can even use a beautiful flower or shoulder for your hair

If you have a Tortan Dunlton edge or a busy Tortan, choose a simple, elegant crown. You can not crochet at all and dance your tortan with your hair and bring it to your hairdresser to decorate you.

If your hair has a mesh, do not use the crown of busy weddings. Because in this case, neither crown nor hair can show their beauty


Avoid overcrowding and simplicity so your photos look nice. Do not hide your hair and head with a tour, a crown and a lot of flowers.

Note that the color of your crown with the color of your service or jewelry should also be in harmony. If you use the yellow gold service, leave the yellow crown or match the white flower with your dress.

If the white gold service is to be worn with colorful jeweers, it’s best to place a crown of silver and match the jewelry color with the gold service jewelery colors, bouquets and makeup of your face. If your service is pearl, use a pearl crown

If you are going to use a flower instead of a crown, you should know that natural flowers do not last for long hair due to hair loss and they will soon become plasticized. It is best to change your hair color after a few hours or use artificial flowers to do this.

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