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Make your bridesmaid happy at weddings

Your kind friends will not miss your wedding day and they will be with you all the time, with a dress and a hand in hand, but what should we do for them? How to thank us for understanding that their existence is important to us?

The bridesmaids are rejoicing throughout the celebration and multiply their passion for bridal and groom celebrations. Externally, the bridesmaids also have a special effect on celebrating the bride and groom in those classical white and black dresses, and the young black girls in single-colored shirts and a model. But what kind of dress is suitable for your bridesmaid and what is the best way to choose the bridesmaids and what should your bridesmaid do?

Should I have a few kids?
In the past, the number of leggings depended on the number of guests, and according to the ancient traditions of the bride and groom they should have 1 bridal gown next to each other for 40 guests; but these days, the wedding is sumptuous, and at each feast, there are at least 200 guests. Maybe It is not possible to find all these bridesmaids; however, you try and give the family and familiar young people a good advice; 3-4 bachelor pairs are enough.

What kind of bracelets do I wear?
You can also look for Bridesmaid in the fashion dresses that you have chosen for your bridal gowns, and choose shackle suits for your sweetheart. The journals and sites offer a wide range of choices. Of course, the color and style of the dresses of the bridesmaids depend on the decoration of the celebration and the culture of the two families

Should I buy a suit for my bridesmaids?
In this case, there is no obligation, but you can remember wedding dresses at the bottom of your mind when you buy a wedding and if you are interested in something interesting in your market that can be a special commemoration of your friends to celebrate, be sure to buy it. You can even take an artistic photo with your bridesmaid, give it a frame and give them a hard day or a hangman. If your state of affairs allows you to buy graceful gifts for your bridesmaid in the power of your purchase.

How do I buy a costume that does not live in my city?
If you have a good financial opportunity, you can invite him to your house for several days to get the tailor of his measurements and leave him with the first shot. If you are ready to buy the outfit, making one day’s ticket solves your problem. If you are financially underprivileged, you can pick up your leggings and send the clothes to Peru by post. The other way is to give the model and color of the clothes to the candidate, and tell them to sew it in his own city. If you think these troubles are worth the time, it’s best to look for someone else

What should we pay for the costumes of my elderly ladies?
Traditionally, you need to pay for what your bridesmaid wears on your wedding if you have a good budget for this section that you have no problem, but if you have a few shirts and women’s shoes and a few handcuffs and men’s shoes, you can get a special color Set for lady and gentleman’s bridesmaid and tell them to buy all the clothes in that color and ask other guests (especially ladies) to wear no clothes to color them so that your leggings will glow at the party.

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