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Choosing the wedding dress shape


wedding dresses come in all shapes and sizes to suit everyone, so its no excuse NOT to find the perfect gown for your big day. this is a guide for you to find a dress that displays the perfect blend of unique taste and a shape that flatters your body type. this is a great way to narrow down any decisions.


what is your body type?

before browsing for the most flattering dresses, you must know your body type. if your shoulders, bust and hips are roughly the same size and your waist isn’t much smaller then you’ve got an athletic body type. If your shoulders and/or bust are larger than your hips then you’ve got an inverted triangle body type. If your hips are wider than your shoulders and/or bust then you’ve got a pear body type. and If your shoulders, bust and hips are roughly the same size but your waist bis at least 25% smaller than your hips you’ve got an hourglass body type. think about your best assets, be it your bust, hips, back or shoulders and choose a dress that highlights those assets.


Hourglass Body Type

for this body type, try to go for a more corseted dress that outlines and flatters your curves. but if looking for a more stupendous and luxurious gown, opt for a structured bodice and full skirt to keep your bodies shape. a sweetheart neckline is also recommended to complement your feminine shape.

Choosing the wedding dress shape

Pear-Shaped Body

for the pear-shaped girls, if you want to draw attention away from the waist and hips, wear an A-line dress or vivacious ballgown silhouette, some classic styles that go with all body types but flatter pear-shaped figures. to accentuate chest and waistline, go for an embellished or detailed bodice and if you are a bride who wants to flaunt her bottom assets, it would be best to choose a gown that is fitted on the hips.

Choosing the wedding dress shape

Athletic Body

like said before, finding a dress that flaunts your best assets is key. with athletic body types, show off toned arms and shoulders with a halter top or strapless boob tube. you can also create a flattering and gorgeous silhouette with a fit-and-flare or slimming A-line dress for an ultimately stunning figure

Choosing the wedding dress shape

Inverted Triangle Body

and finally the inverted triangle. a big DO for this body type is try opt for wearing a full skirt to balance out your wide shoulders and often large bust. The mermaid style of wedding dress, which is slender on the bodice and then tapers out into a short train, is a great choice for an inverted triangle body type as it flatters your best assets and balances out your body./ Zinnia bridal Sydney

Choosing the wedding dress shape

Zinnia bridal displays wide varieties and shapes of wedding dresses so that YOU can find your perfect paradisal gown. along with individual tailoring for a perfect and flattering fit with any ornaments added for your individuality and style, you’d be sure to find the ideal wedding dress for your special day.

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