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How to have Bridal Shower

The bridal shower is a pre-wedding ritual in which close female relatives and friends of the bride-to-be gather together for a party in her honour, and traditionally bring gifts to prepare her for married life. Here is everything you need to know about a bridal shower.


Who do you invite?

The guest list should be limited to whoever is attending the wedding. If someone is not coming to the wedding, do not invite them to the shower. Who is invited is completely up to the bride and host, but it is easier to keep the guest list small and manageable.


What is the dress code?

Bridal showers, unlike weddings, can be casual a lot of the time. Make sure to put the dress code on the invitation to avoid any confusion. If you are a guest and see there is no indication of the dress code formality, it is always best to overdress rather than underdress.  If cohesion is important for bridal photos, it is a good idea to let guests know what they should wear.




The ultimate steps for bridal shower planning

You should firstly create a bridal shower budget before getting into all the planning. This is a great way to set money boundaries and ensure you do not go overboard with spending.  Wedding dress Sydney

Pick a date that fits well into the wedding timeline. Try not to select a date that is too close to the wedding day.

Plan the menu that fits the theme of the shower., If it is brunch, stock up on breakfast foods and snacks. Whatever food it is, make sure the bride approves and there are food restriction options available for guests with dietary requirements (should be stated in the rsvp).


Plan the games and activities. Some fun games and activities require no extra purchases, just creativity, but if your budget allows there are some super fun shower games on sites such as Etsy.


Plan your shower decor. Contrary to popular belief, the decor does not have to be expensive, fancy or lavish. Even the simplest of decorations can create such a beautiful atmosphere. This can include some floral, balloon installations, streamers and little extras. Do not forget a beautiful backdrop for pictures!


Arguably the most fun part of your bridal shower is choosing a playlist! The music you choose can help provide a theme if you have decided on a specific theme. It can be fun music to dance to, chill music to relax to or fun upbeat tunes for some background music. Throw in a few love songs here and there and get some personal favourites from the bride. The choices are ENDLESS when it comes to music, and your music can add so much flavour and fun to your beautiful bridal shower.

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