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16 aesthetic points about bridal dress

In the gadget, you will be presented with journals to choose from among the various models available to dress it like you, but you do not have to choose exactly one dress, you can choose a skirt from a dress and an upper dress Remove other clothes and even work patterns and embroidered stones from anywhere else

1. In the gadget, you’ll find journals to choose from among the various models of clothing that you can wear like that, but you do not have to choose exactly the same dress, you can choose a skirt from a dress and a top model from other clothes and Even take the work and snapping model out of the rest. If you do not like magazine models, searches on the Internet will also help you. You can print the photo of the clothes you want and show the tailor to give it the same.


2. To dress the bride, at least a month and a month and a half before the ceremony began to prepare for the opportunity to dress and have enough time to tailor, but many of the bishops become slippery during this time due to the runners near ceremony and even stress. When they go to Peru, their sizes have changed, but there is a solution to this problem; the bride’s tailors instead of the zip fasten the back of the dress with a strap that closes in a row, this makes a beautiful look to the back of the dress and It also allows you to modify the size to a certain extent to fit the shape of the body Be a bride.


3. Tailoring to help guide you in choosing the right dress, you need to know about your groom’s body and height difference with you, for example, if you are with your partner, given that the hair or heel arrangement, however, adds a little to your height. He does not suggest you look taller than the bridegroom.


4. If you have shoulder straps, it’s best to have narrow and vertical stitching on the shoulder or shoulder to create a visual error and do not show the shoulder width.


5. If you’re fat or overweight, and your wife is sluggish, do not wear large jumps under clothing and ask the tailor to prepare a medium sized or even small jumbo.

6. In a lot of new bridal dresses, it works in the area from the chest to the abdomen to cover the abdomen and even the beauty of the droplets. If you are a little bit obese or bold, these drops should be tilted to show you a more sophisticated look.


7. The bride’s clothes are springing up to make them look prettier, and if they are likely to have abdominal or abdominal obesity, they will not show themselves. In this case, you do not need to wear gong at all, and the dress itself is also guilty.


8. If you have a low shoulder strap, never choose the bridal models of the fish that are completely cape on the thigh.


9 .If you are coarse or slightly obese, the better the skirt of the lingerie is, the more comfortable it is, but if the slender modeling skirt is also graceful for you.


10. For the better, the more bridal gypsum or stone works. Usually, in order to reduce the cost of clothing, the seams use gipur fabric instead of the edge of the fabric, and cloth is clothed in uniform, and even the rocks are placed on the gipur with thermal adhesives. If you are going to rent the clothes, you can be sure that they will not be stoned at night, and it will not happen, but if you are going to buy clothes, you will have to give it a rush after the ceremony, possibly in the first contact with water Most of the rocks and even gippor will be worn and dress up, so ask the tailor to dress them up with invisible yarn, even if you have to pay more, to make your lingerie stay beautiful after washing. Remember to ask a tailor to ask yourself for a gipor.


11 .If you are skinny and stretched, both the tall turret is good for you and the short floor floor trips that reach your back, but if you have large limbs, shorter tours will show you a tall tour, especially a tall, but better before the order. Be sure to consult your hairdresser.


12.Comet bridal dresses show each wedding with each piece, and the sequel has a lot of dress. Especially if it is on the marginal side of the snail, it will have a brilliant splash.


13. If the lace fabric is not shiny and silvery on them, it will be more beautiful and will show you slimmer.


14. If you have a balanced body, almost any wedding dress model is right for you, but if you have a fairy-tale or you want to look slimmer and taller, dresses that are high in the upper extremum will make your body look more beautiful.

15. At least 2 times for Peru, you should go to the masonry, your wedding is overnight, and surely you want to shine that night, so leave the dress with the tailor and firstly do not let your opinion impose on it to make it easier to work and, And see what’s wrong with clothes, be careful not to correct it and not to be influenced by the behavior and dislike. You can even talk to the owner of the mason before ordering the clothes and closing the contract, and if you have a problem in the clothes, you should correct them.It’s a little bit more decisive to worry about wearing a lingerie in the very night of your life, or whenever you look at your photos.

16. When you order a wedding dress, think of the cape that you wear on the street, and preferably pick it up longer, so you do not look short. It also adds a delicate petals on the edge of a cape hat. If the weather is cold, you can order a bridesmaid suit, which does not hurt you when you are outdoors for photography.

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