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Tips on choosing a wedding dress

When buying or ordering bridal wear, note that the best guideline for choosing the perfect outfit is to consider the strengths and weaknesses of your limbs. To do this, you can also help a skilled tailor and ask him to give him your experience. Since you may have bridal wear a few weeks ahead, you have to give your dress two days before the wedding, so that your wrinkles can open. You can do this to the grocery store or find a surety.

If your upper torso is taller than your lower torso, you can order models with their waistline higher so that the balance is created in your two torso and thus close your limbs to the sandwich form.


If your waistband is low you can show off your waistline by placing a large puffy skirt, which is usually better for such a dress. If you want to order a nomad dress and you are overweight, you can use darker colors such as dark magenta, dark blue, violet, and so on. Light colors like cream, bright pink, lemon, yasi, and … are more suitable for slim and slim ladies.

Another suggestion for obese women is to choose clothes that have vertical cuts. Fabrics that are thin and fading are suitable for obese women and coarse fabrics for slim and delicate women. Note that if your lower trunk is larger than the upper part of your trunk, or in other words size difference, skip the fish models.

The bride of fat and tall women can wear high-trunk dresses that are better than silk or fine texture and soft fabrics such as silk satin or dantel and delicate gipporas, medium-sized tours and flowers to bright flowers.

The bride of women who are tall and their limbs are narrow, it is better to choose a hinged skirt and a puff that can be either a tour or an organ, and can also be dressed with tight uppers and dippers, long gloves, Short, a round flower glove decorated with wide stripes and ribbons, complete their selection. You can use asymmetrical collar models if you want your shoulders to be smaller.
If you are planning to rent a bridal dress, you should know that the usual difference in the price of buying and renting clothes is one hundred thousand dollars. Brides are less anxious to buy, because some of the gadgets wear clothes to suit someone else’s clothing, and they wear the dress, for example, to fit the size of other people. Also, you have to deliver the dress the next morning the next morning, which will take time and patience as well. The best choice is for short and obese brides, the dress is crackling from top to bottom, with a long loop and a long crown. Women who are short and tall are preferable to long sleeveless dresses and vertical sections of the top three-story tour and a cascading flower bouquet.

When ordering a bridal dress, ask your tailor to deliver the bridegroom for a week or four days before the wedding, so that if there is a mistake in the corner of your clothes, you can remove it at this time, and you can also do this with bad luck. Prevent seamstresses.

It’s best to be comfortable wearing a wedding dress, or if it’s not comfortable, it’s not uncomfortable. Avoid wearing thick gems that make you sad, because you will be happy and will miss you, and in that bulky wedding dress you will feel choking after a few moments. It is better to slip down your sign in a spring suit so you do not need guṇong or use delicate genes.

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