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Choosing the headpiece
Choosing the headpiece

When it comes to the wedding, it is all about YOU. the accessories, the dress, the shoes are all to compliment you and to reflect your style. choosing the perfect headpiece for your wedding can flatter your face and your wedding gown and make you look amazing.   Complementing the Dress when cho...

Are you wearing a white wedding gown on your big day?
Are you wearing a white wedding gown on your big day?

The wedding dress is one of the most important elements of your wedding, it’s the eye catcher and the star of the show, so you must choose carefully and cautiously. The aspect of wedding gown colour comes into play when thinking of the theme and colours of the location, skin tone, and your per...


Wedding accessory How to choose the right wedding crown with our clothing and hair model   To make a wedding crown it’s necessary to know that, first you have to dress the bride, then decide what hair style you like (open, Shenyon, etc.) and then to take the crown. Note that your wedding...

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