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Wedding accessory How to choose the right wedding crown with our clothing and hair model   To make a wedding crown it’s necessary to know that, first you have to dress the bride, then decide what hair style you like (open, Shenyon, etc.) and then to take the crown. Note that your wedding...

Make your bridesmaid happy at weddings

Your kind friends will not miss your wedding day and they will be with you all the time, with a dress and a hand in hand, but what should we do for them? How to thank us for understanding that their existence is important to us? The bridesmaids are rejoicing throughout the celebration and multiply [...

16 aesthetic points about bridal dress

In the gadget, you will be presented with journals to choose from among the various models available to dress it like you, but you do not have to choose exactly one dress, you can choose a skirt from a dress and an upper dress Remove other clothes and even work patterns and embroidered stones from [...

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