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Choosing the Veil


the Wedding veil should be as unique as the bride and the dress they’re designed to accompany. There are many lengths, widths, styles and embellishments on offer so It’s no wonder that many brides planning their weddings can feel a little overwhelmed. With Zinnia Bridal (, you won’t have to worry about doing this on your own, as we ensure all our customers have the best experience and are accounted for. This guide should assist any brides-to-be in finding the perfect veil.


The Dress

first and foremost, your wedding dress veil should coordinate well with your wedding dress and the best starting point is the shape and style of your wedding dress. As a general guide, your veil should accentuate and be proportional to your dress, meaning it shouldn’t overpower or take away from the details of the dress. Doing so can be distracting and also interrupt the flow of your overall look. if your dress has lots of beading, ornaments and detail wear a simple veil, but if your dress is relatively simple, finding a veil with beadings or intricate embellishments can add dimension to your gown.

Choosing the Veil


another thing to think about when choosing the veil is the venue. just like the dress, the veil should be consistent with the formality of the venue. for example, if you are having a more traditional wedding, possibly at a church, it may be customary to wear a veil without a blusher. but for less formal weddings such as a beach or garden wedding, a less formal or chapel veil may be the perfect accessory.

Choosing the VeilHairstyle

a final thing to consider, and possibly the most important thing, is how the veil coordinates and accentuates your hairstyle. if you even decide you want to wear a veil, it may have to be supported by a hairstyle like a bridal bun, messy updo or a half up/half down hairstyle. the longer or heavier the veil, the more support it needs. the requirements for the veil may sound very structural and demanding, but there are so many positives as well. one of the great things about the wedding veil is that it can be made to frame your bridal hairstyle from behind./ Demetrios wedding dress Sydney

your veil can be customised with cotton loops instead of a metal comb which means that your veil can be pinned to the natural curve of your bun. the hairstyle can also affect how your veil sits and where the end of the veil will fall, if you are planning on a big bun, the veil may need to sit on top, thus it might appear shorter than it is. measure up where you’d like the comb to sit in your hair (keep in mind the hairstyle) and the right veil length you require.

Choosing the Veil

With Zinnia Bridal, we will make sure your veil fits perfectly with everything you have planned for your special day, from length to style to embellishments, we have you covered.

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