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About Zinnia Bridal

Following the launch of Zinnia Bridal in 2016, our bridal collection and unique designs inspired talk and interest amongst the industry. Zinnia Bridal are excited to share their experienced backgrounds and craftsmanship with you in Bridal Couture. in our moulty level Rockdale studio, in Sydney, Zinnia Bridal endeavours to ensure that quality service and expertise is at the centre of their design process, focusing on producing and attaining the most exclusive wedding dresses. Zinnia Bridal offers an inventive that is unique and extremely alluring, making them a label any bride-to-be must regard.

Custom Couture

With over 28 years of experience in bridal couture, the team at Zinnia Bridal is excited to offer a modern and exquisite design process to customers seeking a truly one-of-a-kind piece. Head designer Laleh will guide you through all phases of development to ensure every detail is considered and executed to the highest level.

Our measurement team has over 25 years of experience which is crucial for saving money on future alterations