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Choosing the headpiece

When it comes to the wedding, it is all about YOU. the accessories, the dress, the shoes are all to compliment you and to reflect your style. choosing the perfect headpiece for your wedding can flatter your face and your wedding gown and make you look amazing.


Complementing the Dress

when choosing a headpiece, its beneficial to consider the dress you are wearing. your headpiece should match your dress in colour, style and decoration. an elaborate wedding dress calls for a more elaborate headpiece to reciprocate the detail and decor of your gown. for simpler dresses, it is best to choose less elaborate headpieces. alternative wedding dresses need a suitably alternative headpiece, possibly inspired by nature and flora or more delicate head chains. Here at Zinnia, we have a variety of different style headpieces to match any style of dress, whether its modern, traditional, floral or alternative.

Choosing the headpiece

Face Shape

another very important factor to consider is choosing a headpiece that enhances your features. the piece should flatter your face shape, not dull it. if your face is round and full, add a tiara or headpiece with a bit of height. for brides with more narrow faces, a little hair volume and strategically placed headpiece can go a long way in enhancing and flattering your face. for heart-shaped faces, enhance your eyes and cheekbones with a halo hair vine to draw the focus to your eye-line. but don’t feel entitled to follow guidelines exactly, as we are all different, don’t be afraid to try new things and experiment with headpieces and how they fit with your face./ Bridal shop Sydney


Personal Style

Of course, it all links back to what YOU like and prefer. If you are more modern, go for headpieces that follow the current bridal trends, and if you are more traditional, a simple veil never fails. Remember to experiment with what pieces you’d prefer to wear and show off. Zinnia provides headpieces with a variety of colour, shape and style to ensure you find the perfect one for you.

Choosing the headpiece

In the end, the headpiece should fit comfortably and perfectly, so try it on for a while, walk with it, bend, turn, and anything else to ensure it fits seamlessly on your head. its also important to see if it looks pleasing with your hairstyle. for example, if you are doing an elegant side bun, a detailed and elaborate headpiece clip can enhance the hairstyle. Zinnia Bridal has an amazing selection of different types of bridal headpieces alongside our wider range of bridal hair accessories. Shop our range online, or if you still can’t see the wedding headpiece you had in mind, contact our bridal boutique to discuss our bespoke hair jewellery design options.

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